Friday, June 10, 2011

“NSO Negative Certificate or Certification”

“NSO Negative Certificate or Certification”

NSO Negative Certification – it is a certificate issued by the National Statistics Office or NSO if you don’t have Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate record in their office.

Through the process of endorsement. How?

1.       Request a copy of your documents in the Local/City Civil registry Office (LCRO) in the place where born, married or death
2.       If with copy, the LCRO should send a Certified True Copy to the NSO-OCRG. It should have a label “For OCRG File”. But if without copy but with record in the registry book, request for transcription (LCR Form 1A, 2A or 3A) in the LCRO. In the portion of “This certification is issued to___...” the NSO-OCRG must be stated. Then the LCRO should send the endorsement to NSO:

The Civil Registrar General
National Statistics Office
3/F Vibal Bldg., cor Times St.
West Triangle, Quezon City
Attn: Director Lourdes V. Hufana

3.       Bring the following documents in Window 7, Releasing Area-NSO, Pasay Outlet/NSO East Ave. for you to know the date of released of the send document:
·         Receipt of the forwarder (LBC, JRS and other)
·         Secpa with transmittal (if born, married or death in Manila)
·         Certified True Copy of the document
·         Endorsement Letter or Transmittal
·         NSO Negative Certificate
·         Official Receipt of the NSO Negative Certificate

4.       If still don’t have a copy in the Local Civil Registry Office, you need to file a Late Registration. If you have a copy of your late registration, please follow the Step 2 to 3.